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Dedicated to the best friend, Julie Falk

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All is well with my pregnancy. I'm officially due August 25th and hopefully in May (early) I can find out if we are having ourselves a little boy or girl.

A lot has happened since January, and I feel terrible dropping off the face of LJ. In January we found out we were pregnant, a huge deal for us all since we were told kids were a 1/1000000 shot in our lifetime together. Marcus had started in October eating a handful of Walnuts everyday to help with fertility (his grandma told him this). It seems it could just be coincidence, but my God, it could be the reason. Anyway, January was crazy busy and it just continues.

February was a madness. My Dad had tests for Prostate cancer and it was quite the wait for the results. In the midst of waiting for results my Mom suffered what we thought was a stroke. It was a long ordeal that had me and my Dad taking her to the ER for a whole day, and the ICU for another day, and then recovery for another day and a half. So in total, it was a long friggin week. It turns out the symptoms of her TIA (like an intense migraine) mimicked a stroke, and even caused some muscle damage. It's still a bit hard to say what happened because its such an undeveloped field compared to most, but we are just sort of chugging a long.

My Dad's came back negative for cancer (thank God), but my Mom and Dad do need to get healthy, especially my Mom. It's both hard and easy for them, so it's been a bit tense at home for everyone. Marcus did not get the Grand Canyon job for helicopter tours, so he decided March was the month to rerun to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Marcus left this past Monday and I've been a bit of a wreck. I truly miss him. Not going with him hurt because this time apart will be the longest we've ever been without each other. He's still waiting to hear from a job in Alaska that would be eve worse. He would be gone till September, and would not be able to fly home. He would miss all that time and the birth (most likely, they may be cool and let him come home for the birth). I hope he gets the job, partly because it would mean he would fly the better helicopter, also he wouldn't have to work with certain "crazy" people. I would hate it that we'd be apart though.

He'll be back in late April, so the wait will be long. I hope it flies by. Anyway, hope everyone is well. PM me if you want to catch up.

Best wishes,

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Finally took the plunge (aw, for the second time this year) and changed my name from Olivejuice_Icon to something that means a lot to my husband and I- lavanille. Vanille is the scent he's bought me for my birthday every year since we've been together. I wore it when I got engaged, married, & on our honeymoon!

Lavanille isn't an attempt to sound "different" and "exotic" but my way of continuing a username that means something to me. Olivejuice_Icon was a username dedicated to my best friend who I lost in 2004. Her name was Julie and this journal will always be a dedication to her memory. lavanille is now a dedication to my husband and the scent that will forever be a part of our history & our future.


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Will be having no cake today (diet and all), but I am treating myself to Coconut Milk Ice Cream...

I'll let you know how it tastes. :D

To those who already wished me Happy Birthday:

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Who wants to cry?


Freaking good message too! Honestly, if you can make a small difference in someone's life, you can make a heck of big difference in your own.

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This post is for my fandom365days challenge for Women of Harry Potter (All).

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Well our tries at finding a better (and closer) opportunity in SoCal has failed (for now), so we will be heading back to Myrtle Beach, SC. Not really bad though, considering the fact we have an option is a blessed thing. I guess our first year of marriage will be spent trying harder and harder to get somewhere better. We want to start a family in a few years (scary to think about in these times, but we need to dream) so getting to a better place financially and geographically is our main priority.

So next week (day after Easter) I will be on the road again, crossing the country in a crammed Saturn. LOL! Wish my luck! ♥

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